About Us

It all started with an idea from Justin Walker.  Justin, who was at that time an installer at two large hardware chains, ran the company alone for a year when the business became too large for him to tackle alone.  He then convinced his entire family to enter into the business.  Each family member can do all aspects of the work, but each has a specialty area as well.


Mike Walker -  General Manager, Quality Control, and Customer Relations.  Mike, as the grandson of a master capenter, uses his skills in custom woodworking.

Chris Walker -  Chris maily works with carpet and tile installation.

Julie Walker -  Julie wears many hats.  She is Owner, Sales & Customer Relations, Project Design, and Bargain Hunter Deluxe.

Jason Walker -  Jason mainly works with carpet and tile installation.

D.J. Walker -  D.J. is well versed in all aspects of installing flooring.

Michial Walker-  Michial is currently attending college but in his spare time he helps out in the office and on jobsites.

Justin Walker -  Justin's expertise lies in the installation of hardwood, laminate, and tile flooring.

Richard Walker -  In addition to various other tasks, Richard keeps Julie on schedule throughout the day.

Mary Walker  -  As the youngest in the family, Mary tackles the on-site cleanup while learning the installation process.

The Next Generation

  • The grandchildren are enjoying learning the family business.
  • Walker Hardwood expects to be around for a long time!

The Walkers
The Walkers